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When a power outage occurs, most homes are in the dark until the power is restored by a power company. A lot of people leave it up to the electrical companies to restore power, but what if that never happened? No lights, no heat, no a/c, the food in your refrigerator starts to spoil, etc. You could be without power for days. A standby generator provides power to your entire home if the power should go out.

An emergency can strike anywhere at anytime, leaving thousands of homeowners without power. No one ever knows how long they'll be without power in times of emergencies. Having a standby generator is a good idea because when the power goes out, it automatically restores power to every part of the home, including: lights, heat, a/c, refrigerator, outlets, and sump pumps.
We are an authorized Generac® dealer. Call or e-mail us if you need more information or would like a free estimate.

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